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Happy Earth Day!

I ran all the way, and as soon as I passed the clearing and saw the wobbly mud path speckled with stones, I paused to take a breath, quietly removed my shoes and placed them besides a rock. And then, on my toes, I entered the woods.

I started walking and taking everything in at once. The long, green, grass, the swaying trees, and the fading stars in the sky. It was nearly dawn. Slowly the sun came up, waking up everyone with him. The birds were the first ones to wake up and their delightful, merry chirps filled the air with joy. And in a minute, everyone woke up. The squirrels gnawed at their freshly picked acorn, the butterflies fluttered from flower to flower sipping the sweet nectar, the rabbits hopped here and there, digging their burrows, the bees hummed busily and the monkeys jumped and chattered in the trees.

A herd of giraffes came to nibble on the green leaves and soon a herd of deer joined them. Nobody noticed me. I walked on until I reached the pond. I stepped into the water and felt the cool, clear water swirl around me and the smooth stones and pebbles felt so soothing to my feet. I took big whiffs of the cool, fresh and sunny breeze and I felt like I was the one with Mother Earth.


My Poetry Session At Rustomjee Cambridge International School

Before I started homeschooling, I went to RCIS for 5 years, and I really loved the school. So when my mom received a call from Tanya mam, the principal, saying she wanted to meet us, I got happy, surprised and puzzled as well. As I didn't know why she was calling us.

When we met her, she informed there was a literary fest in the school and the school was inviting some authors to give sessions on their books. She invited me as well. We decided that I'd conduct a session for the third graders. I felt very happy and a little nervous too, as I hadn't given a session to such a big group of kids.


On 21st March, I woke up with a queer feeling inside me. I had to give the poetry session on my book to around 230 children. I felt kinda nervous. But when I got there and talked to the kids, it all melted away. I recited poems from my book 'My Little World'. Then I invited them to recite the poems, we did a 'word-search' and then I gave them an activity-- "Friends, take a word, think of words that rhyme and relate with your word, and make your own poems."


And within a few minutes, everyone came up with their short poems and recited them. Then at the photo session, all the divisions, A to H came to click photos with me and my book. I felt really happy. Thank you Tanya mam and all the teachers for showing confidence in me.

Kids Reading Poems With Me.

Students Reciting Their Poems.