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Hi, My little friends & all elders, feeling very happy and excited to tell you… This is my book “My Little World” of my poems  collections. You can see Illustrations here are also mine and many interesting puzzle related to poems.

Do read the poems…. you can color the illustrations….aaand solve the puzzles with friends & family; I am sure You will enjoyyyyy……

Don’t forget to write me your views.



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I love this picture of my ‘Book Launch event’ taken on 9th March 2014; Here I am with my father , grandfather & grand aunt.

I have written this book from the inspiration of my grandfather, my dadaji, I love him very much.



Here is an excerpt from the book ‘My Little World’.

How Did It All Start?

Shailja Puneet

I am a mother and a teacher. In the capacity of a teacher, I have
interacted with thousands of kids. Every child is special and
unique. Some are restless, some are calm and quiet, but all of
them, without exception, are curious. They want to know more
about the world, and often, they laugh and they dance around
for no reason. They live in their own little world.

My elder son, Advait, has a scientific bent of mind.
He likes nothing better than to take apart gadgets and study
them in detail.

My youngest, Adhya, has her own ways. From the tender
age of 4, she has expressed a sincere love and affection for all
living things. She loves street animals and never likes to pluck
or destroy flowers, leaves and plants. At the age of 5, she was
seriously thinking about how to save water & electricity and was
advocating the mantra of ‘reuse and recycle’. Adhya also deeply
cares for poor people, trees and insects.

Considering her nature and her turn for creativity, I adopted fun
and interesting methods to teach her. We started playing games
like Jumble-Tumble, Spellathon and Rhyming-Whyming.
Most of our family time became learning time. And the best part
was, the children were demanding to learn more, with requests
of “let’s play this…let’s play that”. For them, learning has now
become synonymous with fun.

I remember an incident which took place when Adhya was 7
years old. There was an English Vocabulary competition in her
school, and the allotted time to complete the quiz was 1 hour.
Adhya completed the quiz under 9 minutes, and answered every
question correctly. I guess the word games we played at home
really helped! On the Open House Day, the teacher narrated
the whole story to me. She was very curious to know the ‘how’,
‘what’ and ‘why’ behind Adhya’s performance.

One of the games that we play often is ‘Rhyming-Whyming’.
Adhya enjoys it a lot. During our daily conversations, she will
often speak in rhymes, sometimes unconsciously. Upon realising
what she has just done, she will tell me in excitement, “Maa! I can
write a poem on this too!”

Adhya also enjoys Dr Seuss’s books. His books inspired her
to start writing rhymes of her own, some meaningful, some

On special days, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and our birthdays,
Adhya loves to make cards. At such times, she also expresses her
feelings through poems.

I posted some of her poems on Facebook and they were well
appreciated. One of her poems also got published in the Robin
Age magazine. And she was not yet 8!

Every year, on her birthday, Adhya’s grandfather comes down
to Mumbai to be with her and give her his blessings. On her 8th
birthday, he saw her writing a poem. A published author himself,
he read her poems and was impressed. He said to her, “Beta, keep
writing, and one day a book will be published in your name!”
And so saying, he gave her a dream to chase!

Adhya took her grandfather’s words very sincerely. Till now,
she has written around a hundred poems; poems which are now
published into a book and lie in your hands!

The illustrations in the book are also by her.

This book is for kids. It is a testimony to all that can be made
possible; if we help our kids dream and let them blossom in their
own unique way.

I urge you to take up this book in this spirit. Let your kids write
in it wherever they want to, let them colour the pictures. Read
aloud the poems with them. Play some rhyming games. Solve
the puzzles.

And above all, let learning be fun!

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