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Tastyy Strawberryy Milkyy Shakyy!

Strawberries have lots of nutrition & are liked by all. Do  you want to make them even more nutritious & tasty?

I have the answer, it is strawberry milk shake!

Ha, Ha, Ha. So, lets make it…

2015-02-27 18.12.28
First, take the strawberries wash them & remove the leaves,
then cut them in small pieces & put them into the mixer.
Add cold milk & sugar as per desire.

And mixer is On…Wow! strawberry milkshake is ready!


2015-02-27 18.19.31


Poem: My Mom’s Handmade Food







My mom’s handmade food

Is always good

& my mom is also good,

For me she makes it with gratitude

She bakes

For me nice cakes

& sweets

& for me they’re great treats

My mom she also makes me lemonade

& marmalade

She’s the best mom in the whole world

& her food is the best in the whole world!