TIGERS: The Majestic Creatures Of Earth

I LOVE tigers. Proud, beautiful, agile, I think they are wonderful.

The biggest species of the cat family, tigers can reach up to a length of 11 feet and weigh as much as 300 kgs.

Tigers are excellent swimmers and can swim up to 6 kilometers. They also like chilling in water on a hot day or just for fun.

A tiger’s roar can be heard more than 2 kilometers away


Tigers are expert hunters. A tiger stalks on its prey silently and then, at the right moment it pounces onto its unaware victim and kills it. A tiger can jump as high as 12  feet and leap 5 meters in length!

Just like a human’s finger print, a tiger’s body has a unique pattern of stripes that no other tiger has.

There are six existing subspecies of tigers on Earth. They are the Sumatran Tiger, Siberian Tiger, Bengal Tiger, South China Tiger, Malayan Tiger and Indochinese Tiger.

Sadly, subspecies of tigers like the Bali tiger, Caspian tiger, and the Javan tiger are extinct. 🙁

There were once 100,000 tigers in the world. Today there are only 3800 tigers in the world. The main reasons for these decreased numbers are poaching and habitat destruction. Poachers kill tigers and illegally smuggle their parts to other countries where the parts of a tiger fetch high prices at black markets. Due to habitat destruction, tiger’s don’t have a place to live and their prey also starts to dwindle. Due to these factors, the national animal of India, tigers, are now endangered. ?

Let’s come together and stop them from getting extinct. SAVE TIGERS ?


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