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My experience at an art exhibition!

I recently went to an art exhibition with my dad and I thought that I’d share my thoughts about it here.

As soon as we stepped inside the hall, I was like, “whoa!” I was almost blinded by the aura of all that amazing art around me.

There were lots of modern art, abstract art, landscapes, realistic sketches and paintings, and many conceptual artworks. I didn’t care about the concepts as much as I cared about the art. As we passed through the exhibits, I kept making notes for myself while I observed them carefully, and thinking, what I like in this painting, what colors are used, what is the composition?

I thought about how much improving my art needs and what can I do to improve it?

One thing that felt prominent to me in these artworks was the brilliant use of lighting and the color combinations to make the art look more real and eye catching. That is definitely what I need to work for in my art.

My most favorite artwork there was this portrait of a girl made by charcoal but it looked so real we thought it was a photo. I and my dad, we just stood there with our hands on our hips and stared at that girl. 🙂 It was unbelievable!

The detail that people put into their drawings left me spellbound. The techniques were very unique and I liked how many of the artworks played with textures.

There is so much in scope for me and the exhibition was very inspiring and it was great learning experience. I’m definitely going to go to more art exhibitions as much as I can!





15 Book I LOVE! (updated version)

So… I was reading my blog ‘20 Books I LOVE!’ and I was like, “my list of favorite books has changed so much, I need to do a new one!” So, here’s an updated version of 15 books I LOVE!

I like reading preteen/teen realistic fiction, the kind of ones where the recommended age is 11-14, you know?

  • Just Like Jackie
  • OCDaniel
  • When friendship followed me home
  • Touching Spirit Bear
  • Inside Out And Back Again

These ones right here ☝ are my absolute faves. They are my TOP 5 picks for my favorite books, and tying very closely with them are these ones right here 👇

  • The Night Diary
  • When You Reach Me
  • Moon Over Manifest
  • The Ghost Of Spirit Bear
  • What Not To Do If You Turn Invisible
  • Ms. Bixby’s Last Day
  • Sadie (this ones a full on YA!)

And these right here 👇 are the books that I’m including from my last list because they are still in my favorites:

  • Wonder (I’ve read it at least 20 times!)
  • Books by Dr. Suess
  • The One & The Only Ivan

Also, I felt like including some books in here because I enjoyed them and didn’t want them to feel left out, so here you go: The list of books that I like:

  • Framed, Vanished, Trapped
  • Summerlost
  • The Zain & Ana series
  • Your Turn Now & YTN 2
  • Soar
  • Ruskin Bond’s Children’s Omnibus
  • Let’s go time travelling
  • The Railway Children and Five Children & It
  • Auggie and me

These ones are great for fun, light reading, and I like taking them along with me on a train rides and stuff like that.

If you’re like me and like reading preteen realistic fiction, then do give these a try and let me know your thoughts about them in the comment section below.

These were all the books I love, I’m going to write separate reviews for them, (the post would be too long otherwise) so stay tuned for that!