My Poems

Who Painted The World

Who painted the morning skies?
And those pretty butterflies?

From which market
Do you get the fluorescent white
Which fills the moon so bright?

Who filled the sea with blue?
Clouds have different colours too!

Who dyed the trees with green?
Everywhere it is seen!

Who painted the bamboo shoots?
Who coated the colour on fruits?

I don’t know who painted these
What a great mystery it is!

-Adhya Bhatnagar

O Brain!

Put your thinking cap brain
Earn your own grain.

Don’t be too lazy
And don’t be too crazy!
You can touch stars
You can reach Mars.

You can feel the sky
And also can fly!
Go and think
You’ll invent a thing!

O brain! Go earn your grain!

-Adhya Bhatnagar

6 thoughts on “My Poems

  1. Yasmeen Hossain

    You are so talented Adhya. I just ordered your book after reading your story on better India. Not only you are a bundle of imagination little one but also mature and kind when you spoke about the money that you collect for free books. God bless you and wish you all the happiness and purpose in life.


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