My experience of Santagaatha.

Yesterday, I went to a show of dance-drama Santagaatha in which the students of Nalanda Nritya Kala academy were performing Indian classical dance on tales of great writer-sages. I loved the show, the dances were nicely choreographed, the costumes were colorful, and the dancers were great.

I love dance and so I enjoyed the show greatly. I know how much efforts these dancers take, but the way they smiled and danced, it seemed as if they were enjoying the dance.

As the stories and work of the great sages, I learned about them, although I had read about some like Tulsidas, Meerabai, and Kabir, I learned about Purandara das, Rahim, and among the others. As for the dancers, I felt how it would be like if I was on stage instead of them. If I would have been given a chance, I would have chosen to perform in Kabir, because I liked it the best, the costumes were vivid and, it also delivered a message to the audience. In short, I would like to say that I enjoyed watching the show, and it was a one of a kind experience.capture


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