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The Best Navratri Ever!!!

After eight days of fasting and praying people invite girls to their homes, worship them, give them food, and small gifts because they believe they come down to the earth in the form of goddess Durga.  As a girl, I am invited, but sometimes I feel bored doing the same thing each year,  the same rituals, same food, same gifts. Walking from this building to that, totally nonstop, I felt exhausted, stuffing food in and carrying  all those gifts around I finally went home. And started discussing the whole day with my mother.When I told her, my feelings….Ok, she said let”s do something creative…. And that’s when we decided to do a dance, storytelling, and playing event for girls, no rituals, no nothing, just happiness, happiness & happiness. And you know, it turned out really fantastic. We danced, played dandiya, did storytelling, played a lot & finally gave the gift packets which contained wafers, chocolate, a packet of noodles & fancy things. We finally bid everyone goodbye. And when everyone was gone,  I went to my mother hugged her and told
her ” this was the best Navratri I ever had!…


My Poem: Who Painted The World???

who pained the world






Who painted the morning skies?

And those pretty butterflies?

From which market

Did you get the fluorescent white?

Which filled the moon so bright?


Who filled the sea with blue?

Clouds have different colors too.

Who dyed the trees with green?

Everywhere it is seen


Who painted the bamboo shoots?

Who coated the color on fruits?

I don’t know who painted these

What a great mystery it is.

*A Poem by Adhya Bhatnagar.


Ganapati Bappa Morya!

2015-09-21 21.14.49Vakra tunda maha kaya surya koti sam prabha nirvighnam kuru me dev sarva karye shu sarvada!

The meaning of this great verse is: The one with the squiggly trunk and a big body, the one with the aura which is god like & the one who removes all the obstacles from the path, I salute you.

Do you want to know the history of Ganesh chaturthi festival?

Here is the story. India was ruled by Britishers and they passed a law that banned indians to have meetings or get togethers. Bal Gangadhar Tilak was a freedom fighter, he decided to act against it. He knew the British plan. If people did not meet there will not be any unity. He also knew that there will be great loss of lives.

Then he came up with an idea. He thought of Sarvjanik Ganesh mahotsav. This way people could meet and if the British attack them people will not like somebody saying something against their god and revolt. He was right. The British did not dare to attack them. This festival continues to this day and it keeps people together and is a great fun.

People have started keeping Ganesha idols at their homes too.
I hope they all use an eco friendly Ganpati.

A very happy Ganesh Chaturthi.


I Am A Born Book Worm!

2015-08-26 10.47.41









I LOVE R2015-08-26 10.56.54EADING ,READING & READING.

Reading is my passion.

It is the best habit we can give ourselves.

If you feel lonely, just grab a book and start reading.

Reading is a good habit as it has many benefits, it increases your vocabulary, gives you knowledge, keeps you out of mischief, is a good alternative for TV & most of all…IT IS FUN.




My Father Is The Best!!!

Happy birthday to you!

Oh what a surprise I gave my  father. Today is his birthday and in the morning I gave him 5 surprise gifts. I think he is the best father in the world, the way he expresses his love is just fabulous! He is a trainer. Before that he was the creative head in Star News & Bates. He has written an e book and writes articles in the newspaper.

I have never seen a man like him filled with so much enthusiasm.

The most we like to do together is playing jumble, seeing comedy and making and eating momos.

What do you like to do the most with your father? share it with me.




Book Review: Brown like Dosas, Samosas & Sticky Chikki.

 Book Review: Brown like dosas, samosas & sticky chikki.

Hello friends, there is a good book in the world of books “Brown like dosas, samosas & sticky chikki”. This book is published by Funokplease. The book has wonderful illustrations done by Heetal Dattani & the author is Rebecca Manari.

It is an interesting book, about a little girl named Samaira who has an encounter with a- violet lady & has strange adventures with all the colors around her. The book tells us it is OK to be brown.

brownMy mom also told me the same thing. I tell you one incident, one day I went to my mom & said mamma my color is not fair; my mom hugged me and explained,”My dear child you have golden skin & a golden heart. Tell me will it matter if your skin color is white? Their are so many dark colored talented people. Skin color doesn’t matter at all, important is what you are as a person”,  from than onward I never felt ‘less’ for my complexion.

After reading this book I am feeling proud of my ‘golden’ color. I found this book very good, and a must read for all kids. So go grab your copy now, you can order it online. Wishing all my little friends ” Happy reading, Happy growing”.


Doodling Is Good..ling!


  • It’s the best time pass for anybody.

  • It enhances your hand & eye coordination.

  • It develops your creativity skills & imagination.

  • Research says people who doodle are genius.

  • It swallows stress, and refreshes your mind.

  • Can do it even while alone.

  • The final point is,  I love doodling a lot 🙂 .


BJMULE ?….JUMBLE!….. :-)….

You guessed it right! I was playing jumble with my family in our family time. Our family time is usually tea time . Some times we play some other games, but our favourite game is “unjumble the words”. Let’s see if you can do the puzzles beneath. Write your answer in the comment section below.2015-03-03 11.06.31

etrah   ___________     __________

otps _______   ________   _________   ________     _______

pluit _________

psirpel _________

cciatpay __________

tteerraannsp _______________

ewskliad ___________

aacerm ____________

llllyvoeab    ____________


Pleasure of giving handmade gifts.

It was my friend’ s birthday yesterday & I gave her a bag painted by me, I also gave her a poem , written by me on friendship.

I painted the bag & decorated it with glitter & wrote “best friends forever” under the painting.

2015-02-28 18.14.08

What ever you do, the thing which is important is you made it.

If somebody would give me a gift made by self, even if it is not so perfect, I would be very happy.

I also made an envelope in which I put the poem.

I think, our feelings are more important than the gift.

Tell me which is more important ? A very luxurious  gift given with no love or a simple gift given with lots of love? Of course you know the answer.

So what are you waiting for? Go & make gifts for your friends with a smile & you will be showered with even more smiles.


Visit to National Park.


Its a blessing to have national park very near to my home. It is like a neighbour to me. To start the new year , me & my family went to national park. I always fascinated by the lush green beauty of nature, we saw many plants of different kinds & we did exercises & told stories & poems to each other, I collected some treasures from the national park such as stones, flowers etc.

We enjoyed view of the rising Sun. After walking for a long while we stopped to sit we took deep breaths filled with bliss, we all were feeling very hungry because all of the walking & came home. Indeed a good start of the new year.

Wishing everyone A happy new year.20150101_112541