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Surya Namaskar-The power yoga.


Surya namaskar is beneficial for entire body, brain, breathing…. it is called power yoga…. very good for growing kids like us..
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Age: above 7 years.
Time: empty stomach & best time is morning Sun rise time.
First position: stand straight with your hands joint in front
of your    Chest.

Second position:with your hands joint stretch upwards making an arch.

Third position: now bring your hands down and touch your toes but
make sure you don’t bend your knees. At first it will be hard. But you will get used to it.
Fourth position: take your left leg back and touch your hands to the ground.
Fifth position:  Let your hands be glued to the spot and then take your right leg back put all the weight on your feet and rise your upper body.
Sixth position: slowly lower your body and touch the nose to the ground.
Seventh position: slowly rise your upper body as if you are a snake.
Eight position: now slowly rise your lower body too and up straight your hips as if you are a mountain.
Repeat fourth position but this time you have to bring your right leg forward.
Repeat third position.
Repeat first position.
This is only the half, you have to do this whole process one more time but with opposite legs
to complete the other half.
Enjoy a healthy life!….. 🙂
Here is a chart for your reference.

Omkar Pranayam

Omkar pranayam

Omkar Pranayam improves the concentration and benefits our brain,lungs and heart. Let us start.
First sit in Padmasan or Sukhasan.
Then close your eyes and keep your hands in a three shape, on your knees. Take deep breaths for 8-9 times and then say om 9-10 times and then continue deep breathing. then rub your hands together, your hands will feel warm and then run your hands on your body. Then slowly, slowly open your eyes you will feel fresh. You can do this early morning and before going to bed.

                                                                🙂 Enjoy a healthy life 🙂onkar