My Little World!


(Author: Adhya Bhatnagar, 8 Years)


This book opens a window into the world of children and their creative and colourful imagination: Robin Age

  • She is a wonder-kid! Educationists and reviewers say Adhya's world is a world of children, but she writes like an expert.
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  • Children love it! Adhya expresses their joy, imagination, and fantasies so well. Kids read it aloud, chuckle, and get inspired to write their own ideas.
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About The Book

'My Little World' is a delightful compilation of poems and sketches, written and illustrated by 8-year-old Adhya Bhatnagar.  It got rave reviews from educationists, newspaper and magazine reviewers, as well as the intended readers--Kids.

Little author Adhya asks some interesting questions, like--"Who painted the skies, and those pretty butterflies?" She imagines, what if we had more than 2 hands and legs? In her world; kids will find everything, bulb, brain, fairies, witches, and opinions and philosophy too!

This book is a testimony to the fact that our kids can do much more if we help them dream and let them blossom in their own unique way.


It is wonderful to go through Adhya's poetry. She weaves a beautiful combination of imagination and expression through her words. We wish her every success in her creative journey ahead!
Padma Shree Gundecha


Author: Adhya Bhatnagar

Adhya is a home-schooled kid. If you visit her, you will find her reading books, doodling in her sketchbook or writing a poem.  She is a big fan of Dr Seuss. Sudha Murty, Ruskin Bond and Roald Dahl are her favourites too. If you see a kid who wants to read while she is eating meals, chances are, she is Adhya!

After 'My Litle World', now she is researching and writing a storybook about an interplanetary journey. She is also formally learning Bharatnatyam.

If you wish to be her friend, you can write to her at:


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