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Happy Book Lover’s Day!

Books mean a lot to me. They’re like my best friends.

I remember the first book that I ever read, like a book book, was Horton hatches an egg by Dr. Suess.

And I read that and I was like, ‘this is actually fun!’ and I read one more book, and then another and I read more and more and I fell in love with reading.

My mom used to order three to four books online for me every month. The package would arrive and I would be so excited. I started filling up my bookcase with my books. Arranging them according to size, proudly displaying their beautiful spines.

At first I used to read books from some certain authors but then I started reading books written by other authors also. I loved some of the books, then there were some that I didn’t like.

Sometimes, when I feel like being quite, I get a book and sit and read. It’s a wonderful refuge from the current world and events. You can get transported from the real world into this fictional world, into someone else’s story, riding alongside a character into their world and thoughts.

There are some books which make me feel calm, and there are some that hype me up!

There’s nothing better than having a book in one hand a chocolate in the other hand and you’re curled up on the couch and there’s no one interrupting you and you’re sitting and reading.

Since I learned to read, up until now, I have never ever felt so excited for anything than when I’m getting a new book. Whenever the books arrive, I rip the packaging, clutch the book in my hands and just whoop with joy!

I go online, search for books, read hundreds of book reviews, and then shortlist my books and give the list to my mom to order. I don’t have a library or a bookstore nearby so we have to order them online. and lots of times I get pretty impatient for them to arrive. Now I’ve started reading lots of  books online. That way I’ve access to lots of books and I don’t have to wait for days before I finally get to read the books I really wanted to read.

I’m telling you, nothing beats the smell of the fresh, inviting pages of a new book.

Anyways, so concluding this whole rambling post that I wrote above is that I’m a bookworm, I love reading and a happy national book lovers day to y’all!

I love this fridge magnet ☝