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Happy Sibling’s Day!

Siblings are an important part of our lives. Having fights with each other, pulling each other’s hair, and screaming, “Maaaaa! Bhaiya’s hitting me!” are the happenings of every single day.

As the younger sibling, I have to take multiple trips to the kitchen to get a glass of water for my brother and opening the door every time the bell rings. And if I ask my brother, “why should I do your work?” the answer is, “because I’m older.

You can’t live with your sibling or live without them. Now, because of his studies, he lives away from us and the house just feels empty without him. It’s like I’m a single child now. Not having to share my Maggi with him, not having to listen to his loud songs or not having him around to disturb me isn’t fun at all.

My brother loves to argue with me, pinch me, bite me and call me bewakoof. But still, no matter how much he annoys me, I always love him and look up to him.

Having siblings is awesome!

Happy sibling’s day!