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The Best Navratri Ever!!!

After eight days of fasting and praying people invite girls to their homes, worship them, give them food, and small gifts because they believe they come down to the earth in the form of goddess Durga.  As a girl, I am invited, but sometimes I feel bored doing the same thing each year,  the same rituals, same food, same gifts. Walking from this building to that, totally nonstop, I felt exhausted, stuffing food in and carrying  all those gifts around I finally went home. And started discussing the whole day with my mother.When I told her, my feelings….Ok, she said let”s do something creative…. And that’s when we decided to do a dance, storytelling, and playing event for girls, no rituals, no nothing, just happiness, happiness & happiness. And you know, it turned out really fantastic. We danced, played dandiya, did storytelling, played a lot & finally gave the gift packets which contained wafers, chocolate, a packet of noodles & fancy things. We finally bid everyone goodbye. And when everyone was gone,  I went to my mother hugged her and told
her ” this was the best Navratri I ever had!…


The Wonderland Of Dreams!

I can’t imagine a world without dreams, oh how I love dreams!

Fantasy, bravery, humor and horror are the true essence of dreams. But do dreams come true one day? Or they are just fantasies making up in our minds?

Where do dreams come from, who makes them? Do dreams and nightmares come to us as they wish or does someone send them to us? Or does it depend on what we think?

Do nightmares also come true? I wish they won’t!

Hmm...there are so many questions regarding dreams, I wonder if more are left out there?

Anyway, do you know how many stories can come out of a dream! Oh yes, some of my favorite stories that came out as dreams are Geronimo Stilton’s 'Christmas Toy Factory' and what about Alice in the wonderland? How I wish her dream would come true! I know it will not. But I can do nothing to change it.

Do you have a dream that is really interesting, please share it with me. Who knows it will convert into a story?! But for now, good night, sweet dreams!


Three Flower Friends

Long long ago in a valley, inc81d6c3c9d11fbcb8b0d7316e2e9714b which a misty river flowed, there were lots of flowers and in between those flowers were three flowers, named Chinki, Pinki, Rinki. They were friends.

There was something special about them, Chinki could see, Rinki could hear, Pinki could talk! They got these specialties from lord Shiva as a boon.

How did they get these boons?!?! Here’s the story…”One day lord Shiva and Parvati came for a walk in the valley, they were looking for a place to sit and refresh and these flowers offered them nectar and a place to sit, thus the lord was happy and offered them these boons.

One very early morning the flowers were still sleeping, Rinki heard a noise and woke up but couldn’t see…she woke up Chinki who saw some shadows behind the tree…Chinki in turn woke up Pinki and they started guessing who it was. Suddenly a large hand loomed over some of their friends and they realized it was a boy, the florist had ordered the boy to bring some flowers right away because the queen had a baby boy.

The flowers knew they were in danger and quickly made a plan.  When the boy came back for more, they launched their plan, they jumped on top of each other and then Pinki started making weird noises and said “Oh boy, our flower queen too has a new baby boy! Should we also pick you up and give you to our flower queen?”

The boy got afraid, he took to his heels and fled away. The other flowers thanked them and lived happily ever after.

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