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Monsoon Blues, Go Away.

Monsoon’s here and I can’t go to play at all. But then my mom to came to the rescue! She said “I am giving you a vase to paint, you can do whatever you like”. I got very happy and my switch turned on automatically and all the monsoon blues flew away. I just started working with full enthusiasm and completed the project in a short time. It was complete and I was very happy with the results, and my blues just flew away.Is it the same with you? Then you must do what you like in rainy season and keep your blues away!…

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Old To New!

Friends I love transforming old things into new. Is your thinking like mine? Then you’d love this post!

Friends, one day my mother said “beta there is an old art piece lying here and there, would you like to renew it. I could never say no to such an offer.

2015-06-04 21.10.44

^^This is the old photo frame^^

2015-06-05 11.22.23

^^This is the renewed one^^

Would you like to make one?

All you need is:


old photo frame


your creativity šŸ˜›

Start by wiping your old frame with a damp cloth, then just take up your brush and fly on your wings of imagination!…


A Real Joy, A Handmade Toy.

Hello friends, one day, as I was playing business, a thought crossed my mind, ”what if I could make my own game?” It would be so much fun! So the next day I got to work. I took some cardboard, scissors, paper, glue and colors and achievedĀ full speed and made a game in under an hour!


When my friend played this game with me she was really happy and wanted me to make one for her too, so I agreed and the next day I went to make the game at her home. Every thing went good, until I discovered she didn’t have a dice or counters with her, so we cut an eraser into a cube, and for the counters we took some cardboard and cut them in circles. So there we made it! A handmade toy, a real joy!….