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My Father Is The Best!!!

Happy birthday to you!

Oh what a surprise I gave my  father. Today is his birthday and in the morning I gave him 5 surprise gifts. I think he is the best father in the world, the way he expresses his love is just fabulous! He is a trainer. Before that he was the creative head in Star News & Bates. He has written an e book and writes articles in the newspaper.

I have never seen a man like him filled with so much enthusiasm.

The most we like to do together is playing jumble, seeing comedy and making and eating momos.

What do you like to do the most with your father? share it with me.




Book Review: Brown like Dosas, Samosas & Sticky Chikki.

 Book Review: Brown like dosas, samosas & sticky chikki.

Hello friends, there is a good book in the world of books “Brown like dosas, samosas & sticky chikki”. This book is published by Funokplease. The book has wonderful illustrations done by Heetal Dattani & the author is Rebecca Manari.

It is an interesting book, about a little girl named Samaira who has an encounter with a- violet lady & has strange adventures with all the colors around her. The book tells us it is OK to be brown.

brownMy mom also told me the same thing. I tell you one incident, one day I went to my mom & said mamma my color is not fair; my mom hugged me and explained,”My dear child you have golden skin & a golden heart. Tell me will it matter if your skin color is white? Their are so many dark colored talented people. Skin color doesn’t matter at all, important is what you are as a person”,  from than onward I never felt ‘less’ for my complexion.

After reading this book I am feeling proud of my ‘golden’ color. I found this book very good, and a must read for all kids. So go grab your copy now, you can order it online. Wishing all my little friends ” Happy reading, Happy growing”.


Story Time : A Great Lesson for Proudy Dinosaur

imagesIn the olden times, there was a proud dinosaur.
He thought that he was the greatest. So the animals nicknamed him Dino the King. That made him even more proud and he started creating havoc.

Mr. Owl, a very old and wise owl lived in the banyan orchard, started noticing that Dino was getting too proud. His mind jumped into action and he went to the dove, the king of birds. They decided to go to the mountain and seek advice.

They all made a plan.

The next day they went to the dinosaur’s cave and the owl said “hey Dino! I have heard the dove is stronger than you”. Dino was naturally furious and said ” let that brute challenge me and I will prove that I am the mightiest!”

So he thundered out of his cave ans saw the dove waiting for him.

Mr Owl announced, “you two will race till the top of the mountain top and then use a plank of wood to travel to the other side of the river”.

The dove flew off very quickly while the Dino was struggling to move at a pace as fast as possible because he was bulky. Dino was so heavy that he once tumbled down the mountain many times while trying to climb it, after a long time he finally reached the top. He said to himself, “oh, the river is in sight”. When he sat on the plank and tried to cross the river, he sunk more and more into the river, he somehow managed to clamber out and ran away in shame.

The whole forest lived in harmony hence forth.


Sun Moon Magic Pot








Good morning Mr. Sun, the day has just begun.

Good evening lady Moon, its good to see you soon!……….

Hello friends, Do you want to know how its made? You know I got these pots from home delivery of food from a restaurant… isn’t it interesting?… you can buy it from the market too.



I washed the pot thoroughly and then painted it black.  With M seal I made the the Sun, its rays, the Moon & its stars. You can make whatever you must leave it to dry completely.

I painted it & gave it a shining effect….

There you are ! You have made a set of magical Sun-Moon pots.


Surya Namaskar-The power yoga.


Surya namaskar is beneficial for entire body, brain, breathing…. it is called power yoga…. very good for growing kids like us..
2015-03-04 10.36.11
Age: above 7 years.
Time: empty stomach & best time is morning Sun rise time.
First position: stand straight with your hands joint in front
of your    Chest.

Second position:with your hands joint stretch upwards making an arch.

Third position: now bring your hands down and touch your toes but
make sure you don’t bend your knees. At first it will be hard. But you will get used to it.
Fourth position: take your left leg back and touch your hands to the ground.
Fifth position:  Let your hands be glued to the spot and then take your right leg back put all the weight on your feet and rise your upper body.
Sixth position: slowly lower your body and touch the nose to the ground.
Seventh position: slowly rise your upper body as if you are a snake.
Eight position: now slowly rise your lower body too and up straight your hips as if you are a mountain.
Repeat fourth position but this time you have to bring your right leg forward.
Repeat third position.
Repeat first position.
This is only the half, you have to do this whole process one more time but with opposite legs
to complete the other half.
Enjoy a healthy life!….. 🙂
Here is a chart for your reference.

Omkar Pranayam

Omkar pranayam

Omkar Pranayam improves the concentration and benefits our brain,lungs and heart. Let us start.
First sit in Padmasan or Sukhasan.
Then close your eyes and keep your hands in a three shape, on your knees. Take deep breaths for 8-9 times and then say om 9-10 times and then continue deep breathing. then rub your hands together, your hands will feel warm and then run your hands on your body. Then slowly, slowly open your eyes you will feel fresh. You can do this early morning and before going to bed.

                                                                🙂 Enjoy a healthy life 🙂onkar


Doodling Is Good..ling!


  • It’s the best time pass for anybody.

  • It enhances your hand & eye coordination.

  • It develops your creativity skills & imagination.

  • Research says people who doodle are genius.

  • It swallows stress, and refreshes your mind.

  • Can do it even while alone.

  • The final point is,  I love doodling a lot 🙂 .


BJMULE ?….JUMBLE!….. :-)….

You guessed it right! I was playing jumble with my family in our family time. Our family time is usually tea time . Some times we play some other games, but our favourite game is “unjumble the words”. Let’s see if you can do the puzzles beneath. Write your answer in the comment section below.2015-03-03 11.06.31

etrah   ___________     __________

otps _______   ________   _________   ________     _______

pluit _________

psirpel _________

cciatpay __________

tteerraannsp _______________

ewskliad ___________

aacerm ____________

llllyvoeab    ____________


Hand Made Pendant Set For Mother!

image image2 Friends, on my mother’s birthday I gifted her a  pendant set.

One had a geometrical design & the other was  leaf shaped with my mother’s name’s starting  letter ‘S’ on it.

I will show you how to make it, so that  you can  also make it for your mother.

First apply talc powder on your hands & then take white M-seal and start making  the base shape that you want. Then to put it in the chain you need a hole, so with clay or M-seal make a round loop & attach it to the pendant.

If you want to engrave lines or designs in your pendant you must do this before it dries.

Tick, tock, tick, tock. Let it dry for a day or two. After it dries, take up your brush young artist & paint it with your favorite colors.

There we are. The pendant for your mother is ready!


Let’s Make A Designer Fruit Plate


Hello friends,

I am going to tell you how to make a M-seal leaf shaped plate.

Take a bowl & turn it upside down, put a leaf on top of it.


  • Apply M-seal on it.
  • For the base you can use a jar’s cap.
  • Then set another leaf on top.
  • After it is dry take both of the leaves off.
    paint it
  • Decorate it.
  • Make sure your leaf is large enough to make your plate. I made this in autumn with dry leaves.