The Magical Clock

In a building there lived a small girl named Mini. She was a very good girl. After coming from  school she would quickly do her homework and would get really bored because she did’t have a sibling. So she went to the garden to play. But when a child would pass by she asked ” will you play with me? ” the child would always answer ” sorry, I have to go to tution”. so Mini would go to the garden have a stroll & go back to her house. for a few days a monkey watched Mini coming in the garden & going.
Mini came into the garden and heard a sound “cucoo“, mini looked around happy that she had monkeyfound a friend, but there was nobody! When she looked up at the tree she saw a monkey sitting over there. She also said “cucoo” and then they both started laughing. She went home. Next day when she came to the garden the monkey started talking to her in English. She exclaimed “oh! you can talk!”. They both laughed and went home. The next day too Mini went and played with the monkey. When it was time to go, the monkey gave her a clock. Mini was in a hurry, she thanked the monkey and went home with the clock. She hung the clock in her room, ate her dinner and lay on her bed, but couldn’t go to sleep. Suddenly she heard a music. And number one and two leap out of the clock and started dancing, then three and four came and started singing “oh its such a nice night, we have a home to live in and so lets party. Mini got frightened and before she could say anything, 5 & 6 leap out of the clock and started playing the guitar. 7 & 8 brought food and started sharing it with 9, 10, 11 and 12. hearing the music Mini went to sleep listening the music. Next day mother came and tried to wake up mini but the second mini woke up, she again went to sleep, and unfortunately missed her bus it was getting too late for mother and she left for her office. Mini woke up very late in the morning first thing she saw was the clock but all the numbers were in there places, arranged neatly into the clock. Mini glanced at the clock again and again but it was the same and the whole day seemed to end very quickly. In the evening mini waited for Cucoo eagerly and when he came, Mini told him every thing non stop.”oh yes I forgot to tell you but it is a magical clock whose numbers are very talented”. But if you don’t want them to come to you at night then I will tell you something, there is a gold colored button at the back of the clock, if you press it the numbers won’t disturb you. Okay said Mini. the next day it was a Saturday, the numbers came again at night. they said, “Mini you are our friend so we will teach you how to dance, sing & play guitar. but Mini said ” sorry friends, but I cannot be with you every day because I will miss my bus, but I will learn every thing from you on Saturday nights”. Thus Mini got good friends and she was never left lonely.


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