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A Happy Women’s Day!

A Happy Women’s Day

A woman is a jewel of beauty, grace and happiness. She is hardworking, helpful and polite. Each woman has a specialty of her own.

All the women in the world are equal in god’s eyes. But for each of us, there’s a special woman in our life. It can be anyone, your mother, daughter, friend, sister or wife, but there’s a thing that’s common, important and special, and that is, she is a woman!

They may be tender and delicate, but have the strength of ten males. They work from day to night, dawn to dusk, with all their might. And for all they have done, we should thank them at least, so let us all say it together, A HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!



If I Would Be The Prime Minister Of My Country…..

If I would be the prime minster of my country, my first iniative would be to make India 100% educated. Whenever I go out, I see hundreds of people uneducated. I think if the people are educated, India will leap to a state, 100 times better than now. My second biggest initiative would be women empowerment. I will make them aware of there rights.Women are the back bone of our country, if the women moves the family moves and the country moves. I want to promote this saying a lot.

My next step would be to greenify India. NSymbolic-Colors-of-Indiaature can live without us, but we cannot live without nature and so I will make India rich in flora and fauna.

I will be so happy when my fourth dream will come true. I will promote classical music and dance and art a lot too. But for now, I must stop daydreaming and get to work instead!…




The Wonderland Of Dreams!

I can’t imagine a world without dreams, oh how I love dreams!

Fantasy, bravery, humor and horror are the true essence of dreams. But do dreams come true one day? Or they are just fantasies making up in our minds?

Where do dreams come from, who makes them? Do dreams and nightmares come to us as they wish or does someone send them to us? Or does it depend on what we think?

Do nightmares also come true? I wish they won’t!

Hmm...there are so many questions regarding dreams, I wonder if more are left out there?

Anyway, do you know how many stories can come out of a dream! Oh yes, some of my favorite stories that came out as dreams are Geronimo Stilton’s 'Christmas Toy Factory' and what about Alice in the wonderland? How I wish her dream would come true! I know it will not. But I can do nothing to change it.

Do you have a dream that is really interesting, please share it with me. Who knows it will convert into a story?! But for now, good night, sweet dreams!