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I’m the kind of person who loves rains.

I love the coolness of it.

I love how it washes the dirt away from the trees and makes them look so glistening and new and green.

I love the pitter-patter sound it makes.

I love all the muddy puddles that it brings with it. I don’t care if people say I’m too old to jump in puddles, I still do. It’s so fun!

I don’t get the term rainy day blues, or why people complain about the rain so much.

The rain doesn’t make me grumpy, instead it makes me more joyous, it makes me want to sing raag malhaar.

And to all the people who hate the rain, come on people, have you ever smelled the smell of the earth after it rains? It’s so blissful.

Thank you for reading my banter about the rains.

I’ll go now, bye!