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Playing around with Papier Theatre!

Papier Theatre is a miniature form of theatre. Back in the 19th century, parents used to make small stages and puppets out of paper and put up a show for their kids. Recently, I went to a workshop for Papier Theatre conducted by Frederic Simon, a french puppeteer. I learned how to make the whole stage and backdrop from a cardboard box, I and my group, we painted different backgrounds, made puppets and our props from wires, paper and cardboard. Simultaneously, Frederic sir showed us how we can make puppets from things lying around your house. Things like scrap paper, cloth, your fingers, and he put up mini examples for us which left us in rapture! It seemed as the puppets in his hand had come alive. With all the puppets and the theatre we made, we put up a show in the end. It was named The Golden Bird. The other groups had put up spectacular shows too. It was a wonderful experience! Here are a few pictures from the workshop:

Our theatre, puppets and props.
My fellow puppeteers at the workshop.
Close up.