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Poem: Save Environment, It Saves us!

It is our duty to protect,
The environment at our best.
Be it a poor dolphin,
Or a little bird’s nest.

We need to protect them,
With all our might.
Those animals and trees,
Think of their plight.

If we help them,
They will help us,
Everyone will be,
Happy and bright.

So why not help the nature around?
Let’s plant lots of trees,
And help the animals
Save the land and mother nature,
The ocean and every creature.

It is our duty to protect,
The environment at our best.
That’s the best way to say


It’s Spring!

The trees are swaying,

Their dew drops sparkling in the sun,

The bugs are hopping to & fro,

Every one is having lots of fun

The ground smells like roasted beans,

The sun sends a ray of hope,

A butterfly flutters across.

Sheep go down the hill slope

The grass looks fresh and new,

The flowers look happy too

Every one looks so cheerful,

But what is their reason?

Oh, I nearly forgot,

It’s spring season!…..

2016-01-31 07.30.57



Say No To Crackers This Diwali

No crackers

Our India has many religions & traditions and not to forget the festivals; and as soon we talk of festivals, the word Diwali springs up. But there is a “but” in enjoying Diwali. Do you know why? Because I do not see the spirit of Diwali as it used to be. What do I mean? Let me explain.

Three years back, when I was 8 years old, we friends were discussing what we will be doing on the auspicious day of Diwali. One of my friend said, “I will go to the temple with all my cousins and family and then go to a restaurant to have dinner, then I will come back home late at night and leave for my village”. Another friend said, “I will make rangoli and burst lots of crackers”. When it was my turn I said, “I will help my mother in the puja preparations and will make lots of sweets too, then we will go and visit all my relatives and you know what, I am not going to burst any crackers this Diwali and onwards. I don’t want to harm Mother Nature”.

Then I asked my friends, “Will you too not burst crackers? At the mention of it, my both friends’ eyes plopped out, “what? Are you crazy, really?” They asked all kinds of questions to me-“Will you be even able to resist it?” asked my friend. I said, “Yes!” I was confident I could. When they saw me that confident one of them said, “We are not going to miss such an opportunity yaar! You do what you want but we are going to burst crackers. A lot of them. My father has already bought them.”

The other friend said nothing and just kept quiet. After playing for a while, when heading home in the lift she softly asked me, “You are not joking, are you?” I just said no, walked off to my home and went to sleep peacefully.

I am not bursting crackers for three years in a row. So you saw what I meant. But are the festivals destroying us or are we destroying their meaning? I read that in old times people used to make their own sweets, and there was no plastic packaging, everyone used to make their own rangoli powder with natural things and there was no toxic or chemical rangoli powders. They used lamps to light up the whole city and did not use artificial lamps and they did not burst crackers too, they just danced and sang and prayed. Above all they spent quality time with their family and friends. But today all people buy sweets and rangoli powder at the market. They use artificial lighting. And burst crackers too. They know all the disadvantages, but yet they choose to burst crackers. They know the crackers emit harmful gases; they could hurt somebody, create noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution & land pollution too.

After Diwali when I go to the playground, I see lots of plastic bags and boxes and packaging lying all around and no one bothers to pick them up until the garbage man comes and takes them away. We must spread awareness and celebrate a pollution free Diwali every year. We all are aware of the effects of pollution. Then why forget it on Diwali? We should not burst crackers and litter around. And keep our environment a happy and healthy one. As Gandhi Ji said, “Be the Change You Want to see in the World”. And we will be that change!



Three Flower Friends

Long long ago in a valley, inc81d6c3c9d11fbcb8b0d7316e2e9714b which a misty river flowed, there were lots of flowers and in between those flowers were three flowers, named Chinki, Pinki, Rinki. They were friends.

There was something special about them, Chinki could see, Rinki could hear, Pinki could talk! They got these specialties from lord Shiva as a boon.

How did they get these boons?!?! Here’s the story…”One day lord Shiva and Parvati came for a walk in the valley, they were looking for a place to sit and refresh and these flowers offered them nectar and a place to sit, thus the lord was happy and offered them these boons.

One very early morning the flowers were still sleeping, Rinki heard a noise and woke up but couldn’t see…she woke up Chinki who saw some shadows behind the tree…Chinki in turn woke up Pinki and they started guessing who it was. Suddenly a large hand loomed over some of their friends and they realized it was a boy, the florist had ordered the boy to bring some flowers right away because the queen had a baby boy.

The flowers knew they were in danger and quickly made a plan.  When the boy came back for more, they launched their plan, they jumped on top of each other and then Pinki started making weird noises and said “Oh boy, our flower queen too has a new baby boy! Should we also pick you up and give you to our flower queen?”

The boy got afraid, he took to his heels and fled away. The other flowers thanked them and lived happily ever after.

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Visit to National Park.


Its a blessing to have national park very near to my home. It is like a neighbour to me. To start the new year , me & my family went to national park. I always fascinated by the lush green beauty of nature, we saw many plants of different kinds & we did exercises & told stories & poems to each other, I collected some treasures from the national park such as stones, flowers etc.

We enjoyed view of the rising Sun. After walking for a long while we stopped to sit we took deep breaths filled with bliss, we all were feeling very hungry because all of the walking & came home. Indeed a good start of the new year.

Wishing everyone A happy new year.20150101_112541