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Happy Navratri!

Happy Navratri and Durga Puja!

The goddess is here!

I made this zentangle artwork of Maa Durga as an offering to her.

Do you want to know the story of Maa Durga? Well, here it is:

Long long ago, there was a mighty and arrogant demon named Mahishasura. He was half demon, half bull. He wanted to be immortal.  So he started doing penances so that he could ask for a boon. Appeased, Lord Bramha came to him and asked, “what is the boon you seek?”  “Lord give me the power so that no man or God can kill me.” “So be it,” Lord Bramha said in reply and vanished. With his new found power, Mahishasura became more arrogant and started fighting and taking over kingdoms. He soon got to Dev Lok and overpowered the gods and because of Brahma’s boon, no one could kill him. He harassed everyone and wreaked havoc in everyone’s life. The devas went to Lord Bramha, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. They all decided to make and send a goddess to kill Mahishasura. As per his boon, no man or god could kill him. But a goddess certainly could! They all combined their powers and from their power was born Devi Durga. She headed to the abode of Mahishasura. There was a fierce battle between the two. On the tenth day maa Durga slayed him. This day is celebrated as Vijay Dashmi.


The Best Navratri Ever!!!

After eight days of fasting and praying people invite girls to their homes, worship them, give them food, and small gifts because they believe they come down to the earth in the form of goddess Durga.  As a girl, I am invited, but sometimes I feel bored doing the same thing each year,  the same rituals, same food, same gifts. Walking from this building to that, totally nonstop, I felt exhausted, stuffing food in and carrying  all those gifts around I finally went home. And started discussing the whole day with my mother.When I told her, my feelings….Ok, she said let”s do something creative…. And that’s when we decided to do a dance, storytelling, and playing event for girls, no rituals, no nothing, just happiness, happiness & happiness. And you know, it turned out really fantastic. We danced, played dandiya, did storytelling, played a lot & finally gave the gift packets which contained wafers, chocolate, a packet of noodles & fancy things. We finally bid everyone goodbye. And when everyone was gone,  I went to my mother hugged her and told
her ” this was the best Navratri I ever had!…