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The Wonderland Of Dreams!

I can’t imagine a world without dreams, oh how I love dreams!

Fantasy, bravery, humor and horror are the true essence of dreams. But do dreams come true one day? Or they are just fantasies making up in our minds?

Where do dreams come from, who makes them? Do dreams and nightmares come to us as they wish or does someone send them to us? Or does it depend on what we think?

Do nightmares also come true? I wish they won’t!

Hmm...there are so many questions regarding dreams, I wonder if more are left out there?

Anyway, do you know how many stories can come out of a dream! Oh yes, some of my favorite stories that came out as dreams are Geronimo Stilton’s 'Christmas Toy Factory' and what about Alice in the wonderland? How I wish her dream would come true! I know it will not. But I can do nothing to change it.

Do you have a dream that is really interesting, please share it with me. Who knows it will convert into a story?! But for now, good night, sweet dreams!