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I Wish I Had A Camera With Me All The Time!

Oh how I wish I had a camera with me right now! I yearn to capture all those moments that will never come again. Mysterious, astounding, funny unbelievable, expressions that flitter on different faces. Sometimes, in our bharat natyam classes, a new student comes and teacher teaches the student expressions, I wish I could capture it. Or sometimes I drink cool lassi, my favourite, the calm expression is unforgettable. I can’t describe it to you. Or when I ask a riddle to my friends, they start scratching their heads and raising their eyebrows, mouth half open and half not they look very funny. Ha ha ha, how I wish I had a camera at that moment. So I thought of an idea, of making glasses ¬†which could take photos, but then I stumbled on Google glasses, that could not ¬†only take pictures and videos, but work as a real mobile phone. Do you have any wish like this? Share it with us. Thank you.