Story Time : A Great Lesson for Proudy Dinosaur

imagesIn the olden times, there was a proud dinosaur.
He thought that he was the greatest. So the animals nicknamed him Dino the King. That made him even more proud and he started creating havoc.

Mr. Owl, a very old and wise owl lived in the banyan orchard, started noticing that Dino was getting too proud. His mind jumped into action and he went to the dove, the king of birds. They decided to go to the mountain and seek advice.

They all made a plan.

The next day they went to the dinosaur’s cave and the owl said “hey Dino! I have heard the dove is stronger than you”. Dino was naturally furious and said ” let that brute challenge me and I will prove that I am the mightiest!”

So he thundered out of his cave ans saw the dove waiting for him.

Mr Owl announced, “you two will race till the top of the mountain top and then use a plank of wood to travel to the other side of the river”.

The dove flew off very quickly while the Dino was struggling to move at a pace as fast as possible because he was bulky. Dino was so heavy that he once tumbled down the mountain many times while trying to climb it, after a long time he finally reached the top. He said to himself, “oh, the river is in sight”. When he sat on the plank and tried to cross the river, he sunk more and more into the river, he somehow managed to clamber out and ran away in shame.

The whole forest lived in harmony hence forth.


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