My Trip To Saputara

I recently went on a trip to Saputara. and decided to share it with you. After we loaded our bags into the car, we set off for Saputara.

On the way, there were many little waterfalls trickling in and out the rocks. There were many farms too.

And there were loads of flowers!

When we stopped for lunch, I saw this big, beautiful hibiscus. It looked so nice with all the dew drops on it that were shining in the sunlight. After that,  I took my mom’s phone and took pictures of anything that came in sight. I took pictures of a bunch of flowers.

On the way, we visited the Sula vineyards.

I went… a bit crazy taking photos

We stopped for lunch and then headed to our resort, Club Mahindra. Then we relaxed. It rained all the time in Saputara. I have visited Saputara before, and it wasn’t raining at all; but this time, it rained non stop. I had a lot of fun though.

The next day at  morning we headed to Gira waterfall. It was 50 Kms away, but worth it.

We came back and rested for a bit and then played some games at the fun zone. The next day we checked out and headed to Igatpuri for some sightseeing. It was scenic.

We visited another waterfall. It was named Ashoka dhabdhaba. We were not allowed to go near it so we just had to watch from the railing and come back.

We also visited dhammagiri. Photos were not allowed inside; but I took one of mom standing outside.

After that we returned home; tired but happy!


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