Jingle bells jingle bells…. hi friends… Merry Christmas.

You know this week I turned into a mini event organiser 🙂 I made a designer party circular & went to all my friends house to collect rs 10 per child then went for shopping we bought chocolates & wafers. My friends & me decorated the tree together and took it to the ground, we saw children waiting for us when they saw the christmas tree they started singing jingle bell jingle bells… We started singing carols & danced around the tree then we played many games & played & played till everybody got hungry we all ate chocolates & wafers. We played some more games until we all were tired and went home happily. But my task was not over I went to the houses of the people who had not come to the party and delivered their snacks. A great memorable evening!

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!2014-12-25 18.03.17


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