I love Holi, it is my favourite festival. The thing that I love the most is getting up with that wonderful feeling in the morning of the day when I know what a wonderful day it will be. I get up as quick as I can, have my breakfast and race down to the playground. I call all my friends and we spend the first half of the day drenching each other with water.

I gave up using water or water balloons the year before, to save water, so now I only bring my homemade Holi colours. It is so good to see everyone, small kids, big kids, adults all coming together running here and there, having battles of colour, laughing with each other. After coming home, I have a good, warm bath and then we all sit together and eat lunch. In the evening, we play and have fun.

I just love this festival of colours. It is a day when everyone has fun and is a day of bonding.

Wishing you a happy Holi!

picture credit: http://glorioushimalaya.com/


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