Healthy Carrot Juice.

Vitamins & Minerals are essential for your body for good health.

Carrot juice gives you vitamin A & C which is good for eyes, skin, teeth & brain.

In juice shops juice costs at least Rs. 35.

But instead we could  buy carrots ( they cost less in winter) for about Rs. 30 per kg and four glasses of juice would be made from the carrot,

tell me which costs more a glass of juice for Rs 35 OR four glasses of juice for Rs 30 ?

A juicer costs only for rs 1500 approximately.

So I will tell you how to make carrot juice.

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First take a carrot, wash it properly & cut it into small pieces &

feed it into a juicer & automatically the juice will start pouring out.

Enjoy!!!…. hmm yummy too!!!


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