Happy Onam!

Onam is a hindu festival celebrated primarily in Kerala after the rice harvest.

The story of Onam goes like this: There was a king named Bali who ruled over the land of Kerala. He was very generous and kind but also a bit proud. One day a small brahmin came to him and asked for land that he could cover with three footsteps. He was in fact an avatar of lord Vishnu. The king looked at the small size of the brahmin and agreed. The brahmin suddenly started to grow in size and became bigger and bigger. He scaled the whole Earth with his first step. Then he scaled the sky with his next step. There was no place for his next step. Bali offered him his head. Vamana put his next step on Bali’s head pushing him to the ground. From then on, every year Bali visits his kingdom once a year and people celebrate Onam for welcoming him.

I made this artwork for Onam:


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