Book Review: Grandma’s Bag Of Stories By Sudha Murty.

Grandma’s bag of stories


Friends, I love reading books. Do you read? & who is your favourite author?

My favourite author is Sudha Murty & she has written many books, among them grandma’s bag of stories is my favourite.

Four children are having fun when the fun doubles they were going to shiggaon to their grandparents place where they would find many friends & stories too!

This book is filled with funny characters and magical stories it is a must read for all kids. It has 23 stories in it. It is like a novel. My favorite story is of a lazy man who never trimmed his beard, I also liked the story, the island of statues! Sudha Murty has written many books for children and women. I am very excited to read her next book.

This book is published by Penguin books. Its price is rs. 199 , so go grab your book now!


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