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Republic Day

I and my friends always wait eagerly for 26th of Jan, not just because it is republic day, but also because it is the only event that there is a celebration of our building. There are games, food,  dance and of course, the flag hoisting. A day or two before Republic day is the best because there is a stage put up, all the cars are cleared out of the parking lot and there are lights put up. We all love to squeeze in beneath the stage and play hide and seek and jump on the stage and do stunts and antics and dance and play a game that we invented called ‘Creature.’ kids of all ages come and nobody minds when we jump on the stage and act like monkeys.

I and my friends are always eager to perform and we do something every year. we run up and down everyone’s house to call them for last minute rehearsals and practice the same thing again and again. We did two dances this year one on the song Shubhaarambh as the welcome dance and one dance about the lives of soldiers.

On Republic day, we start the day with the flag hosting some adults give speeches and sing songs. We kids are also invited to sing a song or give a speech. I along with two of my friends sang Vande Mataram. Then we eat breakfast. Our building provides for all the meals and it is very fun to sit on the playground and eat our meal together. All my friends gather and we enjoy the day together. Next are the games. Some people who volunteer, are in charge of the games, and the bigger children help in making the race track. We have racing for different age groups, and then different types of games. This year we also had a slow cycling race (sadly I couldn’t win) we eat lunch, and then run to someone’s house for a rehearsal. Then we go down and play until evening until its time to go to get ready for our dances and then assemble for the performance to start. We remove all the hours of practice on to the stage and then run to change for the next performance. After the programme, we go eat dinner, play for a while and go to sleep. here are some pictures of my day.

Me holding the national flag.






















These are the pictures of my soldier dance. (sorry cause they are a little shaky)

Pictures of my welcome dance.


What’s A Full Blue, Super, Blood Moon Eclipse?

I’m really looking forward to 31st Jan because on that day, something epic is going to happen. A full BLUE, SUPER, BLOOD moon eclipse! Not just a full moon eclipse, but a full BLUE, SUPER, BLOOD moon eclipse! A three in one! I can’t wait and I am feeling so impatient even though it is just a day away.

A full moon eclipse is when the sun, the moon, and the earth get in a straight line and the earth comes in front of the moon blocking the light from the sun and creates a shadow over the moon.

A blue moon is when a full moon appears two times in a month and the second time is called a blue moon. It doesn’t mean that the moon looks blue or something but it is just a term given to the full moon if it appears two times in a month. This is very rare and maybe that’s why there’s this phrase that says: ‘Once in a blue moon.’

A supermoon is when the moon comes the closest to the earth or is at perihelion which means it is at the closest point to earth and can appear 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than normal.

A blood moon is when, during an eclipse when earth casts a red-tinted shadow on the surface of the moon, and it appears to be a rusty, reddish copper kind of color. This happens because the rays of the sun are made of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. When the sun rays hit the atmosphere of the earth, most of the colors get scattered away and the color red remains. Due to which we see a blood moon during a full moon eclipse.

All these all together make the full blue, super, blood eclipse. This eclipse is occurring after 152 years and this is a chance of a lifetime. I wouldn’t miss it for anything.



Making art is a joy.

I was getting into an artsy mood which is the best kind of mood to be in, as it gets my creative juices flowing, I sat down on the table and just started making something abstract. I took the colours green and purple and a little bit of blue and made lines and free flowing brush strokes going the opposite way and mixing all those colours, turning them into kind of grey. I broke from my artsy mood and asked myself, now look what you have gone and done, the painting is ruined! Now what to do? I shook my head a few times and took a deep breath and told myself it isn’t ruined just think of something creative and it will turn this into a masterpiece. I remind myself time to time of what mako said in her video of mandala; Makoccino is a YouTube channel that has painting and Diy tutorials.
This is what she said: We often stress ourselves over the end result of our painting or any work, not enjoying the process of the painting and ruining it in that process. We should not stress on the end result but the process of making it. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece it is a work of mind and creativity. And the most important thing is you enjoy what you are doing. (I changed her words when I tell myself but the thought is the same). Anyway, I let my painting dry and then took a marker and started drawing a half mandala. I didn’t made it to be exact and it was a little crooked on one side. But I didn’t care and then went ahead and created some spirals and doodled in them and created this painting. I loved it and told myself: didn’t I tell you? Don’t, I repeat don’t care about anything and let your creative juices flow.
Ps: In case you are wondering, this is exactly what mako said:
‘That we shouldn’t focus too much on the end result, but instead, we should focus on the process. Similar to life, we should just enjoy it and live to the fullest instead of worrying and overthinking every time. Instead of worrying it will mess up or the end result will look ugly, that people won’t like it, why don’t we just focus on the process of creating.’
You should check out her channel on YouTube if you love art like me.


Organising My Bookshelf

I love reading and have a lot of books in my collection, but they were getting very unorganized, so I decided to do something about it. I have a rack, in which I keep my books. At first, I had organized my books according to the colors of the spine, and I arranged them very nicely and they were very beautiful to look at. It seemed as if there was a rainbow in my rack! It was very good looking, but it wasn’t practical to always keep the books in the exact same place as before. I managed it for a few days, but then it started to get very tough afterwards because after I read a book, I would just put it anywhere in my rack and sometimes when I needed a book, I would have to look for it all over the place and sometimes I couldn’t even find it. I was looking for a book named ‘Ambushed’ and I had thought I had forgotten it somewhere, only to find it buried in a mess of books and magazines after 4-5 months! So, this time I decided to think of a better way of organizing my books. I browsed on the web and these were some of the ideas:

Arrange the books alphabetically
Arrange the books according to size
Arrange the books by color
Arrange the books by genre
Arrange the books by date

I did a quick question-answer session in my mind.

Q. Shall I arrange the books alphabetically?
A. Do you think you can manage that? No way!

Q. Shall I arrange the books by size?
A. Hmmm, maybe.

Q. Shall I arrange the books by color?
A. You already tried that, it looked beautiful, but didn’t work very well for you.

Q. Shall I arrange the books by genre?
A. I can, but maybe in a different way.

Q. Shall I arrange the books by date?
A. I don’t think so.

I liked the sort by genre idea best, but I decided to change it a little. It said, sort the non-fiction and fiction first, and then you can sort them into smaller groups like fantasy, mystery, horror etc. I had mostly fictional books and just 4-5 books which were non-fictional. So instead, I decided to sort them according to moods. For instance adventurous mood, cheerful mood, kinda serious mood and quiet mood. I also made groups like short stories, tell me whys and magazines. Oh, and I also reserved an area for my favourite books like, some of them were by my favourite authors, like E Nesbit’s ‘railway children’ and ‘five children and it’, Frances Hodgson Burnett’s ‘the secret garden, and ‘a little princess’, and all the books of Dr. Suess that I have. I also kept the books, ‘Wonder’ by R J Palacio, and ‘One and the only Ivan’ and ‘Crenshaw’ by Katherine Applegate. I also kept the books according to size, in each of the genres. I labeled the genres and it all looked great!

I started by removing the books from the top shelves and categorized them. Then I removed another shelf of books and did that. I did it one shelf at a time because I knew if I removed all of them at once, I would get lazy to do all the work and postpone it. The top three shelves were done and I was very pleased with myself. (Not bragging.) I cleaned off the layer of dust that had settled on the shelves and rearranged the books neatly. I still managed to make a tiny rainbow in the cheerful mood genre with the books! I also made a category yet to read, for books that I hadn’t read yet. There were about 15 books waiting to be read. I would have been very happy to give some of them to my brother because some of them were not exactly my kind of books. But still, I’ll try to read them. When I came to the 2 lower shelves, I kinda started to get nervous and asked myself if I should remove the books from the shelves because I would usually do a little bit of cleaning on the upper shelves, but never bothered to work on the lower ones and they were getting really messy and were filled up with mostly magazines and papers and craft books. I told myself I can do it, and I took the shelf out and all the mess fell on the ground. I cleaned it up and arranged my books and then on the lower one I arranged magazines and craft books and it looked so good. I was really happy because it really needed cleaning and now it is very neat and functional. But there is still a lot of mess on the floor ( I had put it out of the way while I took the photos,) and I still have to clean it!


It seems that I am on a quilling spree!

This is the hair band I made for my friend

It seems that I’m on a quilling spree!
Quilling is an art that involves rolling long strips of paper to form different shapes and patterns.
I loved quilling and used to make lots of coils and make flowers and butterflies but I did not finish making anything as it took a lot of time to roll all the long strips so my mother bought me an automated quilling machine that quills all our coils in a jiffy! It is called the super quiller. She bought it from a website named Quill On. And then, as soon as I got my hands on the super quiller, I could not keep it down! I made a pink hair band on the first day and wore it when I went to play. All my friends admired it and I thought of making another one. This time, I made it entirely with shades of green. My friends loved it and the next day 3 of my friends came at my home with their quilling strips and hair bands! We all sat and made those together. One of my friends made a rainbow themed hair band and another made a food themed one! One of them asked me to make it and I’m still working on that. One auntie asked me make one for her almost two year old girl and one friend is still asking me to make a  pair of quilling earrings for her. I am so happy and want to go on for forever!

second doll I made

earrings for my friend

the green hairband

close up of the rainbow hairband


a crimped flower

a Malaysian flower

food collection


earrings for my mother’s friend

earrings for my mother

my quilling hairbands

this is the first doll I made


It’s Malala day!

It’s Malala day! Do you know about Malala?

She is the youngest Nobel peace prize winner at the age of 16 years.

She promotes education for all and fights for human rights

On her birthday 12 July, we celebrate Malala day to raise awareness on education rights.


Book review: Ambushed

Ten-year-old gadget geek, Tara is happy sitting and playing angry birds on her Ipad, but her father has other plans for her and her family. An ardent lover of nature, he wants to picture tigers and takes unwilling Tara with him to Ranibagh forest where Tara thinks nothing happens at all. She finds herself mistaken when she stumbles upon a tiger poachers cave hideout. It was then that Tara finds out about the tigers and their plight, and meets Satya, a wily teen, and an ex-poacher. He wants to lead a better life and wants to do some good for his family who has no other job but tiger poaching.
Together the duo, with the help of Mr. Rathore, will they be able to save the tigers? Dive deep into Ranibagh forest, in the world of tigers, and go on to a crazy adventure with Tara and Satya.

Written by Nayanika Mahtani, this book has a wonderful narrative and is targeted at ten-year-olds and above. Published by Penguin Books, it is priced Rs. 199. Grab this copy now and go on for a crazy ride!




Story: A safe and happy Holi!

It was a beautiful sunny morning. As the first sun rays hit the red brick house on the edge of the lake, Radhika burst in the door to wake up her younger brother Raj. “Wake up, come on, be quick you sleepy head, it’s Holi!” she said. Raj and Radhika shared the room and Radhika had to fuss with Raj every day in the morning because he was such a late riser.

But how could Raj be late today, it was Holi! He woke up after a while. Both of them raced downstairs, ate their breakfast quickly, and drank up their milk with a gulp! Their mother was so surprised at that. They sprang up, took their buckets and water pistols and ran out. “Bye Ma, we are off to play Holi!” Radhika shouted as they ran off to the ground. All their friends– Meena, Pranav, Sunita, Sahil and Anu were there. They exchanged mischievous smiles and jumped on each other with water pistols and colours. It was fun. Then they gathered in a circle to discuss the next move. They decided to go to the colony nearby.

Equipped with shiny new equipment, the team marched to the colony. They coloured everyone on the way, even if the person was not willing.  So naughty were those kids! Reaching the colony, they threw colours on the kids there. The team made quite a scene. Meena gave the colours to Pranav who mixed the colours into the water to make different shades. Then Sahil and Sunita filled the water into their water pistols and attacked other kids. Anu and everyone else made the water balloons and threw them around. Radhika loved bossing everyone around and Raj kept running to and fro, bringing more colours from home.

It was going well, but a boy from the other colony was too mischievous. He came from behind and threw balloons even on younger kids. When he broke Sunita’s water gun, the children got angry. “That’s the limit!” said Radhika. They huddled up and made a plan. Raj quickly went up the stairs onto the terrace of a building with a bucket of water. Other children kept balloons in their hands. Pranav went up to the boy and said, “Hey, I know where those kids from other colony have kept their water balloons hidden. I will show you the hiding place if you come with me.” He took the naughty boy to a place near the terrace building and pretended to sneeze. That was the cue! He ran away, and the boy was attacked with water balloons from all sides. A chilling spray of gushing water fell on top of him.  He ran away home crying and shivering. “Hooray!” A cheer of triumph was let out by the team and they too headed back to their homes.

After having a warm bath, Radhika and Raj ate the special Holi lunch. Then they discussed all the activities of the day. After some time the chatty maid came to wash the dishes. She told their mom about a boy Monu who was hurt badly when some kids threw water balloons on his head. He was taken to the hospital because of his injury. When Radhika and Raj heard it they gasped, it was the same boy they had attacked with water balloons! They told their mother it was because of them that Monu was hurt.

Mom immediately took them to the hospital where Monu was admitted. Their other friends were there too. They all went to Monu’s bed to wish him well. “We are sorry Monu, we shouldn’t have done that”, said Radhika. “It’s okay friends, I also shouldn’t have been so naughty”, said Monu.

Doctor uncle said, “Playing Holi is fun but you should play it safely. Always use natural colours to play Holi as chemical colours can do harm to our skin. You should not play Holi with those who don’t want to play.” And then he said, “Never play Holi with water balloons, Monu is not alone, many other kids are hurt as well.”

“We are very sorry”, said Raj. “We will always play a safe and happy Holi.”
“That’s like it kids”, said the mother, “Now how about a box of sweets?”
All kids shouted, “Yes! Holi Hai!”


A Happy Holi!

Happy Holi to you, all my friends!

After a long wait, the festival of colours is finally here! I love Holi because of all friends and families coming together, the colours, joy, happiness and snacks of course! Altogether it is a festival to have fun!

But there is one thing I do not like about Holi. The wastage of water. The problem of water shortage is very high in our country, crops of farmers are withering and drying, and the children are crying with thirst. We all are aware of it but are still wasting water just for fun. Why don’t we all join our hands together and do whatever we can to save water and the earth, and play a waterless Holi! After all, little drops of water make the sea!

Also, this time instead of buying chemical colours from the market, I made my own Holi colours at home. They are non-toxic, and not only they rub off quite easily, they are very safe for, us and the environment.

I made two colours, pink and orange. I made the pink by adding Araroat powder with kumkum, and the orange one by mixing a bit of kumkum and turmeric powder with Araroat. The colours are not so vibrant as the colours available in the market but they are worth a safe and happy Holi.





friends poem: Yellow

This a poem written by a little friend Urvax, who won my book “My little world” in a contest. He got inspired by my poem “Go Green” and wrote this poem,
Great Urvax, keep it up. I am publishing your poem on my blog “My Little World”.

Where are you, YELLOW?
YELLOW says, What do you mean;
I am in the lemons, mangoes, pumpkins and papayas and
sometimes I am in Octopuses too!
What do you Do YELLOW?
I give Mother Earth it’s Sunlight and I fight the Dark.
I make your Mouth sweet and sour and isn’t that great?
I also help octopuses to hide and it saves their life.
O YELLOW, you are the best colour for me I love you very much