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Poem: Save Environment, It Saves us!

It is our duty to protect,
The environment at our best.
Be it a poor dolphin,
Or a little bird’s nest.

We need to protect them,
With all our might.
Those animals and trees,
Think of their plight.

If we help them,
They will help us,
Everyone will be,
Happy and bright.

So why not help the nature around?
Let’s plant lots of trees,
And help the animals
Save the land and mother nature,
The ocean and every creature.

It is our duty to protect,
The environment at our best.
That’s the best way to say


My Visit To Auroville!

My Visit to Auroville
2015-11-14 17.41.43Friends I am so happy to tell you about my visit to Auroville! I was going to Auroville for 6 days and 5 nights and I just wanted to pack all the stuff I had into my bag, After packing lots of stuff, and getting rid of the hustle bustle of the Mumbai station we finally boarded our train and set of to Auroville!

After 2 days we finally reached our destination, then we hired a taxi and went to our guest house, Arka. We rested for a while, ate our lunch and went out to explore.

In the evening, we went to papa’s friend’s place and I made friends with his little daughter Zara. Oh, how fun it was! We played for a while and ate dinner. Then we rested for a while and went back to our guest house.

The next day, after having my breakfast I went to Pondicherry. We ate our lunch in a big restaurant and after that we went to the beach! I played a lot in the sand, ate freshly baked pizzas from a charcoal oven and then, we went to the Shri Aurobindo ashram, we bought some of his books and saw his room, his chair, and lots of photos of him and mother. And then we went to a DIWALI PARTY!!!…..I made lots of friends, got to eat the traditional food and the whole sensation was amazing! After saying goodbye we went to our guesthouse and had a good night’s sleep.

The next day I went to Certitude. Certitude is a place with a park full of slides and a walking area. I loved the swings I tried all the rides and made friends with every one. then we went to Uma aunt’s house to have dinner; her two storey house is majestic ! It has a kitchen, two halls, 1 dining room, 7 bathrooms, 6 rooms and a terrace.2015-11-15 16.35.32

While the adults chatted for a long time in the dining room, I and Zara slowly sneaked out of the room and went to the living room and climbed the stairs up then we peeped in all of the rooms! In one of the room, we found a big bouncy ball on which one could sit and bounce! We played a lot with it. Once we got bored with it, we climbed the stairs to the terrace and within a second it started drizzling! Oh what fun it was! We ran here and there, all around the terrace. But, in order  not to get wet, we quickly climbed down the stairs to the dining hall. There we saw our parents were still engrossed in talking. (Phew!) Then we ate dinner, went to our guest house and went to sleep peacefully.

The next day we went to the Solar Kitchen for our lunch. Yum, I ate lots of pasta until I was ready to burst! Then we went to the market and did some shopping.

And then I went to Shradhanjali, oh my, the place was wonderful! If only I got a chance to work there. It had lots of artworks just made out of leaves! And after that, we all got set to go on a long ride! We were going to Sadhna forest! Once we reached Sadhna forest, we started exploring! And you know what? We found a children’s corner! We climbed the stairs and lo behold, there was so much stuff over there! There was a weighing machine and papers and paint and coloring and story books! And then we saw another ladder and we started climbing it we saw more stuff over there and I grabbed all the toys I could but as there was no light on that floor we came down with all the toys and started playing. We even tried sitting on the baby swing! but just then the video started in the main hall and we all went there to watch it. Soon it was over and we had to go, so we went to Arka and had a nice sleep.2015-11-14 16.08.00

The next day me and my mother went to the library but before i could read just a few pages of an interesting book, the bell rang, it was time to go, then we went to the solar kitchen again. There  Zara joined us too,for lunch. Then we visited ‘Swaram’, it is a place where there are lots of unique musical instruments. From there we went to ‘Bamboo Center’ and then, ‘Paperwell’. There I learned how to make baskets out of paper.

Then we made our way to Matri Mandir, I clicked many pictures. Then we returned to our guesthouse did some packing, and went to sleep.

The next day, we went to the train station and we were off, to Mumbai! bye……… 🙂


Good Habits!

219486-42726-20Brush, brush, brush
Brush your teeth
Brush & make them look neat.

Bath, bath, bath
Bath daily
You will look cheery.

Comb, comb, comb
Comb your hair
Comb your hair with great care

Cut, cut, cut
Cut your nails
Cut your nails without fail.

Exercise every day
& be healthy & nice.

Eat, eat, eat
Eat healthy food
& be strong & good.

Sleep away a goodnight’s sleep
Remember these good habits to keep!

Sweet dreams!



A Happy Women’s Day!

A Happy Women’s Day

A woman is a jewel of beauty, grace and happiness. She is hardworking, helpful and polite. Each woman has a specialty of her own.

All the women in the world are equal in god’s eyes. But for each of us, there’s a special woman in our life. It can be anyone, your mother, daughter, friend, sister or wife, but there’s a thing that’s common, important and special, and that is, she is a woman!

They may be tender and delicate, but have the strength of ten males. They work from day to night, dawn to dusk, with all their might. And for all they have done, we should thank them at least, so let us all say it together, A HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!



Book Review: Your Turn Now 2

Book Review: YOUR TURN NOW 2

Your Turn Now 2 was recently launched on 27th Feb 2016.

As you see, the book is as interesting as its name. ‘Your Turn Now 2’ has heartwarming stories of random acts of kindness that are really true, inspired by the little blue card.

Just as a stone causes the whole puddle to ripple, this concept of the little blue card has touched thousands of hearts. I love the book from deep down my heart.

Some of my favorite stories are ‘Ssmall Actions-Huge Consequences’ ‘Little People, Big Hearts’ & ‘I Felt Great’. With the blue cards in their hands anyone can do anything for kindness. You can be a kindness patron too; you just need a kind heart.

This book is a must read book for all ages, specially kids because we, kids, have to take forward the kindness for better future.

The concept is by Rushabh Turakhia and is published by ‘FunOkPlease’.  It has beautiful illustrations by ‘Happy Fish’ and is written by Lubaina Bandukwala. Its price is Rs. 250.

So just grab the book now and let the blue magic reveal itself.



It’s Spring!

The trees are swaying,

Their dew drops sparkling in the sun,

The bugs are hopping to & fro,

Every one is having lots of fun

The ground smells like roasted beans,

The sun sends a ray of hope,

A butterfly flutters across.

Sheep go down the hill slope

The grass looks fresh and new,

The flowers look happy too

Every one looks so cheerful,

But what is their reason?

Oh, I nearly forgot,

It’s spring season!…..

2016-01-31 07.30.57



If I Would Be The Prime Minister Of My Country…..

If I would be the prime minster of my country, my first iniative would be to make India 100% educated. Whenever I go out, I see hundreds of people uneducated. I think if the people are educated, India will leap to a state, 100 times better than now. My second biggest initiative would be women empowerment. I will make them aware of there rights.Women are the back bone of our country, if the women moves the family moves and the country moves. I want to promote this saying a lot.

My next step would be to greenify India. NSymbolic-Colors-of-Indiaature can live without us, but we cannot live without nature and so I will make India rich in flora and fauna.

I will be so happy when my fourth dream will come true. I will promote classical music and dance and art a lot too. But for now, I must stop daydreaming and get to work instead!…




My New Colorful, Painted Shoes!


IMG-20151228-WA0007I love to paint a lot! So much, that I can paint everything around me, from vases to boxes to phone covers and walls! So, why can’t I paint my shoes?  And that set me of and I was seen armed with brushes and tubs of paint and then I set to work. I painted them with acrylic colors to make them water proof and used warm shades, but you can use any shade you like, then I outlined them with a permanent marker to give a finished look. Lo and behold! Some boring, plain white shoes turned into colorful ones in just a few hours! You can try this too. Just put on your thinking cap, and get to work!


I Wish I Had A Camera With Me All The Time!

Oh how I wish I had a camera with me right now! I yearn to capture all those moments that will never come again. Mysterious, astounding, funny unbelievable, expressions that flitter on different faces. Sometimes, in our bharat natyam classes, a new student comes and teacher teaches the student expressions, I wish I could capture it. Or sometimes I drink cool lassi, my favourite, the calm expression is unforgettable. I can’t describe it to you. Or when I ask a riddle to my friends, they start scratching their heads and raising their eyebrows, mouth half open and half not they look very funny. Ha ha ha, how I wish I had a camera at that moment. So I thought of an idea, of making glasses  which could take photos, but then I stumbled on Google glasses, that could not  only take pictures and videos, but work as a real mobile phone. Do you have any wish like this? Share it with us. Thank you.