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Let’s Make A Designer Fruit Plate


Hello friends,

I am going to tell you how to make a M-seal leaf shaped plate.

Take a bowl & turn it upside down, put a leaf on top of it.


  • Apply M-seal on it.
  • For the base you can use a jar’s cap.
  • Then set another leaf on top.
  • After it is dry take both of the leaves off.
    paint it
  • Decorate it.
  • Make sure your leaf is large enough to make your plate. I made this in autumn with dry leaves.

Quilling Photo Frame

Hello friends,

I am going to tell you how to make a quilling photo frame.

  • Take a piece of cardboard.
  • Cut a sheet of paper of the same size as the cardboard.
  • Apply glue on three sides of the cardboard.
  • Paste the sheet on it.
  • Make sure the opening of the frame is big enough to fit your photo in.
  • Make everything that you want to make with quilling and glue it on your photo frame.
  • Your quilling photo frame is ready!



Poem: Best :-) :-) Friends

When you are with a best friend,

you are filled to the brim with lots of pleasure.

When you are with a best friend,

you feel the moment’s a great treasure.

friendships never end with a best friend.

in friendship there is no obstacle between us,

friendship can be a plus but not a minus.

friendships between best friends cannot be destroyed,

even by a comet or a meteoroid.

when you are with a best friend,

you are filled to the brim with lots of pleasure.

when you are with a best friend,

you feel the moment’s a great treasure.


2015-01-26 21.07.30


Tastyy Strawberryy Milkyy Shakyy!

Strawberries have lots of nutrition & are liked by all. Do  you want to make them even more nutritious & tasty?

I have the answer, it is strawberry milk shake!

Ha, Ha, Ha. So, lets make it…

2015-02-27 18.12.28
First, take the strawberries wash them & remove the leaves,
then cut them in small pieces & put them into the mixer.
Add cold milk & sugar as per desire.

And mixer is On…Wow! strawberry milkshake is ready!


2015-02-27 18.19.31


Healthy Carrot Juice.

Vitamins & Minerals are essential for your body for good health.

Carrot juice gives you vitamin A & C which is good for eyes, skin, teeth & brain.

In juice shops juice costs at least Rs. 35.

But instead we could  buy carrots ( they cost less in winter) for about Rs. 30 per kg and four glasses of juice would be made from the carrot,

tell me which costs more a glass of juice for Rs 35 OR four glasses of juice for Rs 30 ?

A juicer costs only for rs 1500 approximately.

So I will tell you how to make carrot juice.

2015-02-23 11.08.05


First take a carrot, wash it properly & cut it into small pieces &

feed it into a juicer & automatically the juice will start pouring out.

Enjoy!!!…. hmm yummy too!!!


Pleasure of giving handmade gifts.

It was my friend’ s birthday yesterday & I gave her a bag painted by me, I also gave her a poem , written by me on friendship.

I painted the bag & decorated it with glitter & wrote “best friends forever” under the painting.

2015-02-28 18.14.08

What ever you do, the thing which is important is you made it.

If somebody would give me a gift made by self, even if it is not so perfect, I would be very happy.

I also made an envelope in which I put the poem.

I think, our feelings are more important than the gift.

Tell me which is more important ? A very luxurious  gift given with no love or a simple gift given with lots of love? Of course you know the answer.

So what are you waiting for? Go & make gifts for your friends with a smile & you will be showered with even more smiles.


Story: The Wise Owl’s Advice

cartoon_owl_by_flamedreamer-d5buae0Once upon a time there was a huge banyan tree

There lived many creatures on it.

Mr. monkey, Mr. owl, Mrs. Sparrow, queen grasshopper, ms. Squirrel & Mr. snake all lived united.

Mr. Monkey was expert in jumping from branch to branch.

Mr. Owl was very wise.

Mrs. Sparrow was very kind.

Queen Grasshopper could make all kinds of sounds.

Ms. Squirrel kept a large collection of acorns.

& Mr. Snake was a master in coiling himself around anything.


The wise owl’s advice 


One fresh morning every body in the banyan tree were relaxing with the scent spread around, when they heard a loud thud. They turned their heads to see what had happened when they saw a fallen tree with two men beside it with a big saw, they heard them say “we will rest for a while and then we will cut that banyan tree. It looks strong and sturdy” The animals went to Mr. owl he was sleeping soundly & it took a while for them to wake him. When he woke up they narrated the whole story to him. Mr. owl listened patiently.

He thought of a plan and told it to others. So while the men were resting Mr. snake coiled around them and started to hiss Mr. monkey started shaking the branches of the trees so all the leaves fell on them. Mrs. sparrow pecked all over their body so their skin swelled up. Ms. Squirrel pelt acorns at them. Then queen grasshopper made her voice different & said “I am the goddess of the trees if you ever touch them beware.” The woodcutters made a run for it and never showed their face ever again. As for the banyan tree’s residents they protected their home & lived happily ever after.







Poem: My Mom’s Handmade Food







My mom’s handmade food

Is always good

& my mom is also good,

For me she makes it with gratitude

She bakes

For me nice cakes

& sweets

& for me they’re great treats

My mom she also makes me lemonade

& marmalade

She’s the best mom in the whole world

& her food is the best in the whole world!



Visit to National Park.


Its a blessing to have national park very near to my home. It is like a neighbour to me. To start the new year , me & my family went to national park. I always fascinated by the lush green beauty of nature, we saw many plants of different kinds & we did exercises & told stories & poems to each other, I collected some treasures from the national park such as stones, flowers etc.

We enjoyed view of the rising Sun. After walking for a long while we stopped to sit we took deep breaths filled with bliss, we all were feeling very hungry because all of the walking & came home. Indeed a good start of the new year.

Wishing everyone A happy new year.20150101_112541