Story Time: Alampha & Shrink :-)

stock-photo-happy-monster-cartoon-character-91931630I’m going to tell you a story about Alampha a man who was as thin as a bamboo reed that challenged a giant named Shrink with mystical powers that can shrink anything in the universe, even the universe itself! It started like this: the Shrink was so notorious that he began to shrink things. He shrank furniture, windows & clothes, so nobody could fit in them. Once he even shrank Mr. Pegwood who was a tall, old man into the size of a pigmy! But the people could do nothing but sit & watch & watch & watch the giant shrink things. One day the shrink threatened the people that he would shrink the world, if all the people on earth wouldn’t become his slaves. The people wondered & wondered, what could they do against this big fat giant? They didn’t wanted to become slaves, & they did not want the Shrink to shrink the world, instead of seven continents they would be left with three! But Alampha came forward & said I will make this evil Shrink run away from the universe forever. The people laughed & taunted him they jeered & teased him. They shouted how could a man thin as a reed fight a giant? But Alampha who was still filled with hope went to the giants cave; he found the Shrink sleeping. This was the right moment! Alampha took a bamboo stick of just his own size & as a cricketer strikes a ball with his bat, Alampha struck the bamboo stick on the giant’s head & the giant woke up he saw Alampha with a bamboo reed & roared “how did you dared to disturb my sleep, I’m going to slay you” the shrink said he seized Alampha but Alampha easily escaped ‘cause he was so thin. The giant became mad with fury he decided to crush Alampha under his feet so he lifted his foot to crush Alampha, he was too late Alampha had started tickling him! Somehow he managed to take Alampha off his body now the shrink became very angry with Alampha that he thought he could scratch Alampha & he would bleed & run away. But Alampha guessed the giant’s move & slipped away & in that order he scratched himself. Now the shrink was so embarrassed of himself that he shrank himself as small as an ant without giving it a second thought, & ran away never to be seen. & Alampha returned to his village after his triumphant victory. There he was welcomed with cheers not jeers. & Alampha is remembered for his slimness till this day…


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