A Happy Holi!

Happy Holi to you, all my friends!

After a long wait, the festival of colours is finally here! I love Holi because of all friends and families coming together, the colours, joy, happiness and snacks of course! Altogether it is a festival to have fun!

But there is one thing I do not like about Holi. The wastage of water. The problem of water shortage is very high in our country, crops of farmers are withering and drying, and the children are crying with thirst. We all are aware of it but are still wasting water just for fun. Why don’t we all join our hands together and do whatever we can to save water and the earth, and play a waterless Holi! After all, little drops of water make the sea!

Also, this time instead of buying chemical colours from the market, I made my own Holi colours at home. They are non-toxic, and not only they rub off quite easily, they are very safe for, us and the environment.

I made two colours, pink and orange. I made the pink by adding Araroat powder with kumkum, and the orange one by mixing a bit of kumkum and turmeric powder with Araroat. The colours are not so vibrant as the colours available in the market but they are worth a safe and happy Holi.





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